Maria is in a great position to win this election – but we have to make sure that everyone knows exactly who their State Representative is and that they have a real choice in November

Would you like to be a part of helping Maria win? Join our fundraising program in one or all of the following ways:

  • Make a contribution NOW by clicking here!
  • Host a fundraiser – Mia can help work with you to ensure you are able to make all your efforts for Maria as profitable as possible. You can email her by clicking here! 
  • Introduce Maria to potential Major Donors that you are connected to and would be interested in helping to “fire” Rep. Marty McLaughlin and elect Maria Peterson – to talk to someone today about hosting Maria click here.
  • Use your social media platform(s) to raise funds from your friends and followers and to get more engaged in our social media program you can email Roger by clicking here. 
  • Other. Any other ideas you may have we would love to hear!
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